Bienvenido a Habana!


The famous Antique, colonial buildings, cigars and rum. Havana is a city that you think you know without you’re ever been. Yet it is one of many cities that you still have to experience to really be able to talk again.

In every cafe, restaurant or bar you can hear live music in the style of the famous Buena Vista Social Club and everywhere they have the best Mojito in Cuba. It is also an experience to just wander around once through the streets of Cuba. Everywhere you will find interesting buildings and charming squares and not forget Ché Guevara!

The most famous landmarks of the city are El Capitolio and Catedral de San Cristobal. El Capitolio is the biggest highlight of the city and is a replica of the Capitol building in Washington DC. The Catedral de San Cristobal is situated on a cozy square with several nice restaurants and cafés. A tour in a vintage car while smoking a ‘cohiba’ is definitely recommended!